About us

VitalDatos S.A. provides services designed to improve the quality of management in international business. We specialize in processing the information of imports and exports.

The data provided by customs offices are a valuable source of analysis, but usually users get little benefit out of it because it can be extraordinarily laborious and overwhelming to organize, because it requires a meticulous and recurrent work.

We have the experience and technological tools necessary to generate reports that simplify the analysis of different indicators presented in this activity, saving time and money.

When you need to do business of commercial intelligence, consider Vitaldatos. We can be your strategic ally.


Calle Jiguas 101 y Víctor Emilio Estrada, Piso 2, Oficina 2B

Guayaquil – Ecuador (South America)

Telephones: +593-4-2382232 +593-4-2386539

E-mail: info@vitaldatos.com

Specialized reports

Our reports of imports and exports, which have previously been subjected to a refining process, allowing to make the following analysis:

  • Size of the market for a product

  • Market share.Comparative of several variables by periods

  • Terms of interchange (buyer / seller)

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